There's No Such Thing as Sin


Say, “Hello” to the Awe, Really Dudes

Not just the Podcast but we spit bars, too.

Come into the Awe, Really Pod and tell me what you think about God.

We philosophize, analyze, ridicule and criticize

Every idea that don't make sense just cause you rationalize

And make yourself believe, that ain't good enough for me

Or my boy Conover, aka Andy Handsman, that's my co-host, my dude, my right hand man.

Awe, Really Dudes, he and I – coming up and taking over.

We just been getting started, lion-hearted making gold


Posting up at Reason Rally with a Minion as the mascot

Let the people know that what they learned in class got

Another side to take a look at, they gettin' so shook that

Everything they believe could be a complete fabrication.

Everything we see is in the mind, confabulation,

There are people at the top working, precise calculation

To rig your education, give you a clear misinterpretation

And perpetuate absolute saturation

Of willful abdication of your freedom and autonomy,

All the while deceiving you that you and I are free.


You can say whatever you think, but freedom is an illusion

Just like free will and enforcing the Constitution.

They want to censor our words, but speech is power

So we stand up and shout, we're gonna do this now.


Leave behind a legacy so the kids will look up to me,

Not for the money or fame, but cause we're gonna affect real change

In the mindset of society and in the way the game is played

Cause this shit ain't working, let's try to go another route.

Just talk about the problem so we can go ahead and figure it out.

How to think, what to say, and what the fuck can we do

To fix all the problems that we just seem to get used to

I say, “No way!” “No more!” It's time for all that to end


I'm sick of wondering when we can find a peaceful end

To all the wars and horrors around the world every day.

I don't have all the right answers, but I can tell you what's wrong:

Believing in God, spreading hate, and poisoning the world we live on.


Fuck faith, demand evidence, think critically

You can be moral and spiritual without the help of divinity

Everything you need is packed deeply within.

All that other shit is noise, there's no such thing as 'sin.'


Life comes with enough burdens, don't add the Cross, it's full


Believe nothing, except that anything is possible.