A Slow Summer

The month of August has come and gone and no episode has been released, as I'm sure you've noticed. First announced on social media, we originally wanted to delay the release of #ARP31 Dear Dear White People to be able to include our experiences over the last weekend of July.

Releasing an episode entails finding a night that I am not working my serving job, and Conover gets home from his job with the time and energy to produce the quality of conversation that we've come to expect from ourselves. Then it takes about 7-9 hours to go through the episode and clean it up. I edit the episodes for both sound quality and content; sound quality for obvious reasons and content because since our conversations are so long, I want to streamline them for the purposes of keeping listeners interested without sacrificing the integrity of the conversation itself. Many times I've done live editing to show that I'm not cutting down the conversation to make ourselves or our guests sound smarter or better than we really are, but because the discussions are completely unplanned and unstructured, there can be lulls that don't add to the overall purpose of what we're doing and might distract from the flow of ideas that are apparent when we're in the room, but might be lost simply listening to the audio. After editing the episode has been edited and the theme song has been added, it takes about half hour to export from a raw audio file into an mp3 file, then another couple hours to convert the mp3 file into an mp4 video file for Youtube. Once all that is done, I've got to write up all the information for the episode and finally publish it online. Publishing entails uploading the mp3 file to SquareSpace (which also goes to iTunes) and uploading the mp4 video to YouTube which takes yet another couple hours.

There have been a couple times when we have recorded the episode the day before release, and I've crammed the entire editing and publishing process into the same day as the release, and it was not a fun experience. Typically, I will spread the editing process into two days and publish either the night I finish, or push the publishing process to the next day. 

Unite the Right

The point of all this is to say that in order to release an episode on the 1st of the month, for example, that conversation is typically taking place about a week earlier. In the case of #ARP31, as we said in the social media posts, we wanted to include the events of July 29th-31st in our discussion (namely the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival in Asbury Park, NJ, where we had a vendor's booth for my dad's laser tattoo removal practice which we've spoken about before Safe & Gentle Tattoo Removal, as well as the biggest UFC event of the year [this was of course before the Mayweather v. McGregor boxing match] UFC 214 Jon Jones v Daniel Cormier.) This meant we couldn't record until at least August 1st and with our schedules, we actually were not able to record until a few days later.

In addition to the events from the weekend, a large portion of the episode discussed the Netflix original series Dear White People and our thoughts on it's commentary on race relations in our country. By the time I was able to release the episode, August 12th had rolled around. In case this date does not ring a bell, as the subheading suggests, this was the date of the Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville, VA in which Neo-Nazis marched in the streets with torches chanting anti-semetic epithets. They were met by counter-protesters, and violence ensued. The headline of the day was the grotesque killing of a counter-protester by means of being rundown with a car, injuring 20 other people.

In light of this, we felt that the way we spoke of previous rallies and protests that had mainly been for freedom of speech and counter-protesters were being made up of and supported Antifa, and made the decision not to release the episode until tensions had subsided a little bit so that our comments from before the incident could be heard objectively and understood in the proper context. We waited a couple weeks, and then Hurricane Harvey hit and it seemed somewhat equally as insensitive to be focusing on the discussion topics. By this time there were other events that had occurred in our personal lives that kept us busy. With another storm on the horizon it was starting to seem like there would be no good time to release the episode before the discussion became completely irrelevant. 

Not wanting a good conversation, time spent editing, and money spent on graphics to go to waste, it became apparent that in order to release this episode, it would need to be put into context by this blog. And once I made the decision to write for the first time in 9 months, it seemed right to reboot the blog and allow new energy to be focused here, and allow the podcast to once again be re-centered on its original purpose. With that being said, we will be releasing the episode tomorrow afternoon and hopefully you will have read this before listening and we can get back on track with a brand new guest for #ARP32 and release it by the September 15th and allow us to get back to our regular schedule of an episode every other week!

And as far as this blog, you can expect more posts, (not all will be this lengthy - I had 9 months to make up for!) and we will once again find ourselves in a new chapter in the Awe, Really saga!