Where There Is and Where There Is No Hope Left For Bernie

                                            More Flagrant Rhetoric, or Finally a Valid Point?

A Rough Night

  My first instinct is to brush this off as just another ignorant sound bite from the Drumpf....but does he have a point? Where would Hillary be if she were a man, especially considering she doesn't do as well with women voters as one would expect, running to be the first woman president. One would think that, this alone would win the vote of a significant amount of the female vote.

  I don't say that because I think women will blindly just vote for a woman because they are a woman. Clearly that's not even the case. But regardless of the group, you expected that in 08 Obama got most of the black vote SIMPLY because he was black. So the fact that Hillary doesn't mirror this phenomenon with women voters in this election cycle demonstrates that even though she would be the first woman president, pushing women's lib forward by decades, that women still are not willing to vote for her.

::Sigh:: Unite Blue

  I stand by everything I've ever posted on this page, and if she becomes the Democratic nominee, and if Bernie Sanders drops out of this race, I will throw my support to her. I am not willing to indulge my own personal grievances with Clinton to the degree that I will effectively help put a Republican-who it now seems very clear would be DONALD FUCKING DRUMPF- in the White House; a risk I simply am not willing to take. I'll take my chances with Hillary any day.

  She's a criminal you say? Welcome to politics. They're all fucking criminals. You think Drumpf or Cruz really has a higher moral standard than Clinton? They're all sleazy politicians (yes Drumpf is now officially a politician in my book) who do backroom deals and are swimming neck deep in corruption.

  This is not a reason to act, as Patton Oswald says, childish by throwing a tantrum that your preferred candidate potentially doesn't win the nomination and voting 3rd party or Green Party, or even abstaining. If you haven't heard me explain why before, let me do it here for you once again.

  Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, one of whom will be the Republican nominee - barring some crazy contested convention action (which is still not out of the question, but there's no solid reasoning to believe that anyone other than either of these men will become the nominee upon the end of the convention and the opponent for the Democratic Party in November.) have a slight, but legitimate chance to beat Hillary Clinton in the general election without factoring any significant movement to write in Bernie Sanders or to vote Green Party or some other iteration of ‪#‎AnyoneButHillary‬ but this is precisely why it will not work.

Whats's the Gameplan?

  There is no cohesive movement to create a political climate in which ANYONE except the Democratic nominee would be able to defeat the Republican nominee. Republicans are stupid, but not that stupid - if they see that that voters who are NOT voting for their candidate are so fragmented that they are significantly cutting into the strength of the Democrat, they will use this fact to build up the narrative that the Democrats are as fragmented as the GOP was at the beginning of this race, when we were all laughing at how many different options there were, making it impossible for anyone, namely the front runner, to secure polling numbers that would work in their favor, simply due to the division of the party.

  I LOVE claiming to be ‪#‎BernieOrBust‬, but this is assuming the man is running for president! To maintain this after the potential reality that he drops out of the race, you are only feeding the GOP the narrative they need to convince people to vote for Drumpf who wouldn't otherwise do so.

Looking Forward

  This is what the media will convince conservatives and right leaning moderates who are still on the fence, and would really have to think twice about what to do if we find ourselves in a Trump/Clinton general election:

If the GOP loses the presidency, the GOP loses the House, the GOP loses the Senate, the HORROR that has been the Obama presidency will be perpetuated, specifically the worst thing they have ever heard of, Obamacare.

  Now keep in mind, Drumpf will very likely pick a running mate that is considered a very reasonable and deliberate person with political experience, to project the message that even though he is an outsider, that he will have a team around him that will help him to and allow him to flourish as a president.

  So we'd find ourselves with a fragmented Democratic Party, and a situation where even though a Republican may not like Drumpf, they may be appeased by his VP choice, and when faced with losing the White House to Hillary, and the Legislative branch of our government to the democrats, along with a much calmer more "presidential" (a purposefully cliche choice of word) version of Drumpf than what we've seen and come to love/hate so much and so well.

  From the other side of the isle, this situation looks a lot more risky than is being portrayed as of yet. The truth is, people just do not trust Hillary Clinton, and many people on either side of the isle admit that they would vote for Drumpf over Clinton, regardless of affiliation. Granted many also say the opposite, but were talking about fragmentation of the Democrats.

Here's the Bottom Line:

The Republican candidate WILL NOT LOSE to anyone unless the entire electorate who does not like said candidate is unified in supporting ONE party, whether that be the Democratic, Green, or Bernie Sanders as an Independent candidate.

Let me say this again in another way so you don't miss it:

  If the opposition to Trump is fragmented, he has more than enough support to win the election and become the President.

  If you feel like you need to take some type of moral high ground in abstaining from voting for Hillary if she becomes the nominee, you are COMPLETELY entitled to do so and you are completely within your rights to feel justified in doing so. Just understand that this is a position that is taken to appease one's OWN SELF

  You don't like Hillary Clinton. I really dont like her. Most people dont. This is a complete non sequitur. This isn't a popularity contest and unfortunately this has become, in the words of Bill Maher, a "Hate Fuck Election" in the sense that most voters are voting AGAINST someone, as opposed for voting FOR someone in whom they truly believe - this of course is assuming Bernie does not win the nomination.

  To vote for anyone who has NO chance at beating Donald Drumpf, is a selfish action. It will make you feel like a better person when the world goes to shit. It is a preemptive attempt to absolve yourself of any responsibility for whatever happens when you find yourself asking, "Are we really in a universe where Donald Trump is the most powerful political figure in the world?"

  If you feel that your own interests are all that matter and are all that factor into who gets your vote, then by all means, vote for Mac Miller for all I care.

  But if you honestly want to avoid the worst possible outcome of this election and are willing to look pragmatically at this political climate, I don't see how any Bernie Sanders would not vote Democrat in November. I would love if the Two-Party System was not such a cornerstone institution of American presidential campaigns, but I would also love a million dollars and an assistant to whom I could dictate these things and not have to type them myself.

But as the Berner haters love to say, you can always get exactly what you want.