IYCMI: Awe, Really Dudes Live Tweet the Democratic Debate

The NY Showdown-Fight Night in Brooklyn 4/14/16

The NY Showdown-Fight Night in Brooklyn 4/14/16

  You missed the debate. You were working or watching the kids, or you're a college kid who was just out getting wasted on another Thirsty Thirstday. Maybe you forgot it was even going on, or most likely, you probably just didn't care. You didn't care because you're voting Republican or because you're convinced that the whole debate was pointless because Hillary is going to be the Democratic candidate. Or.....maybe you just don't give a crap! Either way, worry not. The Awe, Really Dudes care deeply and watched every word very closely.

  You'll see here in chronological order the stream of posts as we Live Tweeted the event, as well as some highlights of the Retweets (Tweets authored by others that we reposted to all of our followers) and it gives a pretty good idea of what you missed. I wouldn't quite call it the virtual reality of instant replays, but you'll catch the key highlights.


Pretty much the cadence of the entire night

Pretty much the cadence of the entire night

  When all was said and done, I think many avid fans on both sides were further entrenched in the opinion they held from the start. Hillary definitely held her own, and Bernie missed some prime opportunities to deliver a significant blow. But for those who hadn't yet, or still haven't made up their minds as to which Democrat they would like to see on the ballot in the General Election, I am personally confident that they had an opportunity to see Bernie in a way that the media has been working tirelessly to avoid. 

  Standing on the stage next to her, her not being center stage, and the two of them simply talking and performing their political character, or in Bernie's case, just having an honest conversation, let the American people see for the first time a CNN stage where Clinton and Bernie were presented as equals. Remember, as long as O'Malley was still in the race, Clinton got center stage, and the other two were at her side. (Some of you are already probably like wait who the hell is O'Malley? Lest we forget there was a third candidate in the democratic race at one point!) For the first time, people who weren't already in camp Clinton got a chance to see that Bernie is not some crazy guy who is merely the counterpart to the clown-like candidates that were (or still are in Drumpf's case) in the race, but in fact a truly worthy opponent for Clinton. 

  For almost a year now, the corporate media outlets have been trying to cement in our minds the fact that Clinton would be the nominee; that Bernie was some sort of joke or simply a radical candidate who didn't even deserve enough attention for us to hear what he has to say and understand his position. For so long he was brushed off as a socialist, full stop. For so long we were inundated with the perception that Bernie was a nice guy, but the notion of him running for president was nothing more than a naive pipe dream of college kids who didn't understand politics.

  With only 7 months until election day, that perception has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Of course there are still hold outs, and much as we would expect, there are plenty of Republicans who think that, "But he's a SOCIALIST!!!!" is a viable knockdown argument, but for the most part Bernie has earned a great deal of credibility. People of great intelligence and familiarity with politics and the system as a whole, from both sides of the isle, overwhelmingly express an honorable degree of respect for the man, for the race he has run, and for what he has been able to accomplish with no Super PAC money, like all the other candidates, including and especially Hillary.


Will It Be Enough?

 All this being said, Sec. Clinton did not have a bad night by an stretch of the imagination. Mind you, this was done employing tactics of deception, ad hominem attacks, and a substantial helping of shameless pandering; but by whatever means, it was effective. There were many times when the crowd went wild for one of Clinton's canned lines about this issue or that one. 

  The way I see it, if we determine that Bernie is "unelectable," then you should be able to downright obliterate him in a debate. If you are so obviously more qualified and to such a sizable degree, then how is he putting up such a fight? How is it that you didn't deliver a performance that secures your position as the nominee? That's not a good look, the way i see it.

  Conversely, even though Bernie didn't obliterate Clinton in the same way, the fact that he proved himself as a very real obstacle between her and the nomination, demonstrates that he is, in fact someone to be considered before Democrats decide that they're ready to cast a vote for Clinton just to defeat the Republicans. There is no doubt that corporate news outlets will continue there M.O. of trying to hand Hillary the nomination, the question is, did Bernie give her a run for a money enough to sway voters and (unfortunately) perhaps more importantly, the superdelegates who's numbers give Clinton very strong polling numbers, but can still decided the change their mind and pledge for Bernie.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and our voices loud! Bernie can win, but not without our help!