Intellectual DIShonesty

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*From the Awe, Really Podcast Facebook page, audio from Sam Harris' Waking Up Podcast. The podcast containing the entire 3:30 hr conversation is available at the botom of this post*


Intellectual Integrity

    This is why we hold Mr. Harris in such high regard. His ability to maintain composure and intellectual integrity even in the face of the most antagonist and ignorant critics.

    It's all well and good to be correct, to "be right," and to "win" arguments. But if you are interested in really changing people's minds, you must exercise intellectual integrity and humility.

    This PERFECTLY demonstrates the difference between someone who can exercise these things, and people like Omer Aziz who Sam talks to in this 3:30 hour conversation in which this ignorant and arrogant critic has not learned a damn thing.

    He originally was not going to release this conversation because it is SOO pointless and frustrating for him. But I can not be more thankful that he decided to release this conversation to the great embarrassment to Aziz who's only purpose is use shady and dishonest tactics to defame an honorable man

The Full Episode - Waking Up with Sam Harris