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Sound Percussion Practice Pad

For some time now I've been saying how much I miss playing drums. I used to be really into creating music, especially on my drum kit, but that has definitely not happened nearly as much as I would hope in the past few years. Whenever I'm at Guitar Center, I always end up jamming on one of the practice kits, and let me tell you, I've lost some of my percussive chops. So when I decided it was time to start working on my hand speed and technique again, what better way to practice than with a practice pad? In my high school drumline, we all had the RealFeel Pad by Vic Firth, which was a fine pad. This pad by Sound Percussion is pretty much the same thing, at a much better price. It is double sided, one giving a bit more bounce, and the other giving a little more realistic (and challenging) rebound. Either side is formidable for practicing rudiments and working on your chops. This comes off most analogous to a marching snare, however, simply having the pad to work on technique and whatnot is fine. Even if you're not a snare drummer, or drumliner, this pad is plenty satisfactory for all types of practice.