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Aspire Cleito Tank (Review : Lutch)

I have two of these, and Conover has one too. It comes with two different sub-ohm atomizers (0.4 & 0.2) I like tend to vape regularly throughout the day so I like to use the 0.4 ohm atomizers because I like to take longer pulls and don't want to have to keep refilling the tank. I can usually fill the 3.6 ml tank once and vape all day before I have to refill it. This is a very user friendly tank in the sense that there is very little maintenance necessary to keep clean, and uses a very simple atomizer/coil set up (see below)



Aspire Cleito Replacement Coils (0.2 ohm) 5 pack (Review : Lutch)

The Cleito tank has a great coil/atomizer set up for ease of use. Some people like more complex tanks because it will give you the ability to use the same coil for a much longer time, just having to change the wick. I like vaping, but i wouldn't exactly call it a hobby so simplicity without sacrificing quality and smoke production is a big deal to me, so I don't mind replacing the coil each time. It is as easy as unscrewing the old atomizer and screwing in the new one. There is no need to worry about refitting the new wick around an old coil because it is all in one. Because I vape as frequently as I do, I should probably change my atomizer about every two weeks, but because I know that ill get a brand new coil when I replace it, I'll usually stick with the same one for about a month. This is a 5 pack of the 0.2 ohm atomizers. The 0.4 ohm atomizers are also available. (see below)


Aspire Cleito Replacement Coils (0.4 ohm) 5 pack (Review : Lutch)

These are the replacement atomizers for the Aspire Cleito tank just like the link above but in 0.4 ohm. These coils will provide slightly more resistance than the 0.2 ohm atomizers and are perfect if you are looking for a pull that is slightly more comparable to the pull of a cigarette, although any sub-ohm atomizer is going to give a very smooth pull. Just like the other atomizers, because it goes with the same tank, you will find similar smoke production proportionate to the wattage at which you fire your mod. I go through about one of these per month for each of my Cleito tanks.


Uwell Crown (4ml) Tank (Review : Conover)

I call this one my "baller tank." Its in no way too expensive, especially for what it is. I simply call it that because it's my at-home chillin' tank and I feel like a boss when I use it. The Uwell Crown has a locking carb which is just a plus compared to tanks without such. I originally bought this when a friend got it with his original rig, and I was busting on him for getting a lavish tank in gold. But then I hit it - and proceeded to purchase one later that day. It comes with spare o-rings and coils, and extra glass - which always come in handy. She's as durable as she is pretty - great tank, great price.




Uwell Replacement Coils (0.25ohm) 4 pack (Review : Conover)

Its always good to have spare coils. I personally tend to just use one coil, the highest one I have at my disposal in terms of wattage. You can always hit one too low, but hitting one too high can fry it and taste nasty, so considering the time I have to be fiddling with coils and so on, I just use the highest. HOWEVER, the versatility of coils is absolutely fantastic because sometimes you come across, as I have, certain flavors that hit the best at certain wattage points, which makes changing the coil worth it if necessary. For someone like me, this comes in handy specifically because I often use one tankful at a time, and go completely empty rather than just adding as I go. So when I get to the end of one Uwell, I can decide what flavor and therefore which coil I'm going to go with. The Uwell Crown coils are extremely easy to replace, so when the time comes, whether due to flavor change, or an eventual coil fry - it's smooth sailing.




Uwell Replacement Coils (0.5ohm) 4 pack (Review : Conover)

As with the .25 ohm coils, I stated I usually go with the highest available coil I have. Most of the time, its this one. Its nice having the option of cranking up the mod and getting a big milky plume if that's what you're into. Who am I kidding we all like doing that from time to time. And the Uwell Crown with their .5 ohm coils definitely know how to spread their wings in the form of vapor clouds. Now aside from just nice plumes, like I said with the .25 ohm coils, certain flavors just taste better at certain wattage levels, so if you've got one that you like to rip at high power, get some extra .5 ohm coils when you get your Uwell Crown.


Wisemex Reuleaux RX (200W) Mod (Review : Conover)

Plain and simple this is the only mod I have, and I have no reason to get an additional one. Most of the people I know have multiple rigs, but this is usually due to upgrading. That said, I have no need to upgrade from this mod. It can handle 200 watts and I have accidentally hit it on such after resting it on its plus button and it didn't even fry the coil. I'd much rather be switching tanks to change flavors than using different mods to do so. Having the 200 makes this easier too because every coil I've used is within range. I've never hit anything higher than 80 watts, but having the option and not being restricted, as long as I'm using the right coil to handle the power, is an advantage with this mod. It also has different types of temperature controls for those of you with more knowledge in the area of temperature control tanks/coils. For me, I stick to wattage. The size and shape of this mod are preferable for me as well. Working the way I do, this mod holds up to a beating and is extremely durable. For the price, I'm not sure you'll find better.



NiteCore DigiCharger D4 - Vape Battery Charger (Review : Conover)

This was quite the functional purchase for me. When I originally bought my mod (Wisemec Realeaux RX200) the sales guys were telling me that even though you can charge this mod through the USB port, I'd be better off buying a battery charger. Of course I brushed that off and chalked it up to them just trying to make more money. Can you blame them? So for a couple months, I was only charging it through the USB port, until one night when I plugged it in and the screen read “imbalanced.” After doing some Googling, I basically figured out that "imbalanced" meant I fried the USB charger port and needed to get a charger. When looking for one, the NiteCore DigiCharger D4 kept coming up; Oklahoma and my brother both own one, so I decided why not? Go with what I know. The charger is great. I was really nervous that I had somehow fried my mod altogether, but the guys at the vape shop were right, I should have just bough the battery charger right off the bat. Hindsight is 20/20 and if I can give any advice to those of you with a vape rig that has removable batteries, a charger is essential, and this one in particular is perfect. It is comfortably affordable, has not let me down once, and doesn't take very long to charge from completely dead to fully charged, plus, you can watch the charging progress of each individual battery which helps you see if you have any batteries on their way out.