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Nature Made - Natural Sleep Aid (Review : Lutch)

Ok the obvious disclaimer here is that I am NOT licensed or qualified to prescribe any type of medication. This is simply a suggestion based on my own experience. Make sure you are familiar with your body's reaction to any of the ingredients before taking this supple (check with your doctor if necessary) and obviously don't operate any heavy machinery after taking.


All that being said, I've tried every sleep aid on the market from straight up Benadryl, this sleep aid and that one, I've tried melatonin tablets, whatever you can think of and had reactions from morning grogginess, to nightmares, to just no effect at all. But I take one Nature Made 100% Drug-Free Natural Acting Sleep Aid and in about an hour, it's almost like magic. I get pretty much exactly 8 hours of sleep and then somehow, I wake up without a trace of grogginess. 

Since I've started working in a restaurant, I haven't had the time to eat properly, and staying out until 2 am has drastically altered my sleep pattern. Instead of waking up around 9-10 am like I used to, I've been sleeping past noon, chugging coffee to feel awake enough for work, and then drinking more coffee at work, maybe fitting in a single meal at the end of the night. As I'm writing this, it is not even 10 am and I feel better than I have in the morning in over a month!

There are plenty of sleep-aids on the market, but I like this brand because it is mostly natural ingredients, mainly the amino acid L-theanine. Melatonin is the other active ingredient and it also has medium chain triglycerides, and yellow beeswax, soy lecithin along with some other ingredients that I have no idea what they are. All I know is that it works!

Again, I cannot officially suggest anyone use this over-the-counter product, but if you have occasional trouble sleeping, in my experience, this stuff will work magic!



Mission Belt - 35mm Black (Review : Lutch & Conover)

We both love this belt PASSIONATELY for the same but opposite reasons. All my life I've been a tiny guy. Buying a belt always entailed the project of poking my own belt holes a good 3 inches past the pre-drilled hole with the smallest belt circumference. But even if you can just buy a belt and put it on like a normal person, you still are restricted to the holes that are already in the belt which are typically about an inch apart. Anyone's waist size will fluctuate from day to day and the size of the belt you want can change even from when you're standing to when you're sitting, the holes stretch, different pants fit differently, the problems are endless! The Mission Belt is THE answer to this problem. This belt has NO holes, It works like a zip-tie with notches every 1/4 inch and is easily adjusted a couple notches tighter or looser depending on where you need it for that given day, those given pants, or whatever scenario. I'll adjust my Mission Belt at least 5 times a day throughout a normal day and this allows my pants to fit around my tiny waist without falling down or uncomfortably squeezing me. This link is for the Large size, but it does not matter because you are going to cut it down to size before you start using it. The belt buckles are interchangeable and there are many different designs available. (The only thing that matters is the width of the belt - 35mm buckles will only fit 35mm belts and same goes for 40mm belts/buckles)

Aside from the product being AMAZING, they are called Mission Belt for a reason. From

"When you buy a Mission Belt you become a part of a great philanthropic effort - or as we like to call it, THE MISSION. Here at MISSION BELT, we don't just want you to look good - we want you to feel good too. That's why a dollar from every belt goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending. Micro-loans range from $25-$500 dollars per loan. Small loans make HUGE differences. There are millions of industrious, motivated people striving for a better life, and sometimes the only thing holding them back is a little capital to get started. It's a hand up, not a hand out."

Keurig Hot K50 Classic (Review : Conover)

Since we've lived together, Lutch and I have always made coffee the old fashioned way; a pot at a time. But now that we've got the Keurig we are loving it! I'd say we're both kind of snobby when it comes to our coffee; we have specific tastes and preferences in terms of roasts and boldness etc, so we had been a bit skeptical about making the switch to Keurig, but I don't think we'll ever go back now if we can help it. Having to make a pot at a time was never really a big deal, because our drip coffee maker was a rather quick one, but now that we have the technology to just make one cup at a time, and pick a flavor each time, its been nothing short of awesome. This specific model lets you chose from 3 different sizes of cups, from approximately 3.5 oz to about 7 oz. It is super user-friendly - all you have to do is make sure there is water in the reservoir, pop in your preferred K-Cup, and press one of the cup sizes to brew, then let the machine do the rest of the work and make some magic in the likeness of fresh delicious coffee in less than 30 seconds! I've always been a fan of Keurig machines, but had been out of the game since moving out of my mom's house, but now that we've made the move to K-Cups, we're both pretty damn pleased to say the least.


Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (Review : Lutch)

These are awesome! You might be tempted to go for the Lysol wipes with the abrasive side. DON'T! They are such a waste if money. Depending on what you're cleaning or wiping up, you rarely going to need BOTH sides of those wipes. If it's a spill that is too tough for the soft side of the wipe, all the other side is going to do is spread it around a little bit because it is not as strong as, say a Brillo pad. And if the spill is something that is perfect for a moistened wipe like this, you're going to be glad to have two absorbent sides! These are cheaper and you can clean up much more with one wipe than the Lysol wipes with the abrasive side. 





Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges 6 Sponges x 2 packs (Review - Lutch)

Yes I've even tested a multitude of different sponges. What do you look for in a sponge? the ability to absorb liquid, and clean dishes right? Pretty simple. You could easily go with the cheapest sponge you can buy, but you'll find that they don't last and you'll be throwing them out every other time you use them. And kitchen sponges are not exactly the area where you need to spend money for the top of the line product. That is why these are perfect! They are as sturdy as a sponge needs to be, but more importantly, the back side (as you can see in the photo) is a scrubbing pad. I have yet to encounter a stain or dried on food that can not be taken off by hot water, soap, and the scrubbing surface on the back of these sponges. The strongest cleaning product you should need is a stainless steel scouring pad (see below) but you don't want to scratch pots and pans, and these sponges will allow you to clean the nastiest messes and are cheap enough that you won't feel back about getting rid one after an especially nasty one!


Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Scouring Pads 2 pads x 2 packs (Review - Lutch)

Every kitchen needs to keep these stocked for when the sponge just can't do the job. They are super cheap and will take off anything short of paint! This seems like a pretty simple choice, but even with this, you can choose better or worse. I've tried the slightly more expensive copper version and that was a waste of money. I've tried those blue or green scrubbing pads and they didn't do anything different than what was already on the back of the Scotch-Brite sponges. The problem with needing this in the first place is that it is for messy situations. No matter what you use, it is going to trap food, and if you're anything like me and can be known for letting dishes pile up - other nasty stuff in the tangles of the steel. You want something that's going to do the job, but that you don't have a problem using a few times and chucking in the garbage. This first link here is for 4 pads for under 7 bucks. For me, 4 pads would probably last a few months. I'd say a pad lasts me 2-3 full load of dishes if I let them sit and get shitty. The only place this isn't good, is with steel pots and pans because you don't to scratch the surface. That might encourage you to stick with the flat scrubber pads, but again, those are flimsy, and if you purchase the sponges below, that's the back surface! Better yet for pots and pans is the Scrub Daddy (see below) but because they're quite a bit more expensive, I try to use them sparingly.

This second link here is for the same steel scrubbers, but in a 12 pack. You'll be stocked up for over a year! 




Scrub Daddy (Review - Lutch)

The Scrub Daddy completes the kitchen cleaning kit. The truth is I rarely use them, but they are something I always like to have stocked. Most anything can be removed by the Scotch-Brite sponges, and if not, the steel scrubbers will absolutely take care of any mess, but as mentioned, their one weakness is scratching pots and pans. You could throw a ceramic plate of cheese in the microwave for 2 minutes and that steel will take it right off. But to get that kind of mess off of a steel pot or pan, you're going to be in trouble trying to just use the sponge, even if it has the scrubber side. I first saw Scrub Daddy on SharkTank and had the skepticism that anyone would. But after getting a positive review from someone, I thought it worth it to try. As easily as the steel scrubber will remove food from a plate, the Scrub Daddy will clean steel itself. It will also clean the plate or anything else just as easily, but again, because they are a bit more expensive, I find it most cost effective to rely mostly on the steel scrubbers when I can. A Scrub Daddy is not something I would consider disposable as the Scotch-Brite products listed here. These are great but as mentioned in the previous review, you'll want to use them sparingly

The second link here is for a pack of 3.







Bounty Quilted Napkins 100 ct (Review : Lutch)

I have hacked the paper towel game!!! What is the conundrum everyone faces when buying paper towels? Do you spend more money on paper towels that will be more absorbent, or do you go for the cheaper paper towels and just rip 4 or 5 off the roll every time? NEITHER! I always bought the cheapest paper towels possible and I would go through them like toilet paper (they weren't much thicker) and I finally decided to spring for the Bounty paper towels. But then I was so conscious of the cost that I would ration them as much as possible, which worked for a while but was definitely more of an annoyance than is worth it for ANY paper towels. So I started buying cheap napkins for when a spill wasn't quite 'bad enough' to use up an expensive paper towel. Until it dawned on me! Skip the middle man and buy Bounty napkins! There's got to be AT LEAST a whole roll of paper towels worth in this package of napkins, which are just as absorbent as their paper towels, but half the price!

Stock up! Also available is a two pack of 200 ct packages!










Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix (Review - Lutch)

Not much to say here. Who doesn't love a nice hot mug of cocoa in the winter? Winter or not, the warm sweet treat is one of my favorites for the late night treat. I've tried the Nestle hot cocoa, Hershey's, and different store brands and they just don't have the same silky sweet goodness that Swiss Miss achieves. I can't say that Swiss Miss is definitively better, but I certainly don't buy any other brand, and I try to keep a tin of this stocked in the house year-round






Glad ForceFlex 13G Trash Bags 76ct (Review : Lutch)

Another no brainer here. The last thing you want is 13 gallons worth of stinky garbage all over your floor. You don't want the bag ripping on the way to the dumpster, but you also don't want to waste plastic by under-filling the bag before you replace it. Again, after a number of different experiments with different brands and different store's generics, the best bang for your buck will definitely come from getting the best bag out there. The ForceFlex technology is a small innovation to a mundane item like trash bags, but it makes all the difference. You can stuff that baby full and be assured that this thing wont rip. The closest competitor of these trash bags would be the top shelf Hefty bags, and while they rival the toughness and strength of the bag, they are significantly more expensive to get the ones that are as strong.





bubba 20oz Travel Mug (Review : Lutch)

There are only two things you need in a travel mug. A handle, and the mug to keep your coffee, tea, etc hot for as long as possible. As a coffee addict and hot cocoa lover, I've gone through my fair share of travel mugs. There is not much to say except that given I'm not going to spend more that $20.00 on a mug, bubba may not be the best travel mug available, but as usual, I'm always looking to get the best bang for my buck. No exaggeration, this mug will keep fresh coffee hot - HOT - for a good 3 hours, and it won't get cold for at least 5. Having spent years as a server, you get used to eating cold food and drinking cold coffee, but having discovered bubba mugs, I will never have to worry about that again. The ONLY problem with these mugs is that they have stainless steel and silicone, and thus can not be microwaved, but trust me, you will rarely have a hot drink get cold enough in this mug that you even think about a microwave.

Scroll down for some other color and size options!