GoPro Fixins

Wasabi GoPro Battery (Review : Conover)

The Wasabi battery is a perfect extended life battery option for your GoPro action camera. I use it all the time with my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, and it lasts over two and a half hours even when left recording over an extended period of time. For example, whenever I go fishing, I can video record my whole fishing session without having to worry about running out of battery life. Very rarely does my battery die before I run out of space on my 32gb memory card which is extremely convenient. When you order the Wasabi Battery, not only does it come with a dual-sided charger for the battery, but as well as backdoors for your GoPro housing. So even though the battery is larger than the original battery, there is no need to worry about figuring out how to get it to fit in your preferred housing. The backdoors include the dive housing door, the standard housing door, as well as the high sound pickup door. Wasabi nailed it with this extended life battery and charger, which also charges your original GoPro batteries. As a bonus, the battery is the perfect shape to fit in “The Frame” housing for your GoPro, how convenient?




GoPro Floaty Backdoor (Review : Conover)

So you want to take your GoPro out on the water, whether it be to cruise in a boat or take a fishing trip, but you end up leaving it at home because you don’t want to drop it in the water and lose it forever. Well the GoPro Floaty Backdoor should definitely put your worries at ease. The Floaty Backdoor is a square foam block which adheres directly to any one of your GoPro housing backdoors. As the product name suggests, the Floaty Backdoor keeps your GoPro from dropping into the abyss, and as much as an investment GoPro cameras are, nobody wants to see it sinking away forever. You may be wondering about how it functions with certain attachments. Is my GoPole too heavy? Will it sink anyway? The answer is NO! I have specifically tested this by tossing my GoPro, mounted on the GoPole Reach, right into a lake and after the initial ripple in the water, there it was, my GoPro had bobbed right to the top. Another plus is the strategically chosen fluorescent orange color GoPro used for the Floaty. Just like life jackets, the bright orange is easy to see floating at the surface of your favorite watering hole.


Joby Gorillapod (Review : Conover)

The flexible yet durable legs of the Joby Gorillapod make this the ideal tripod for a multitude of different stationary shots and angles. Normal tripods will give you the same stance, however, the Gorillapod’s legs are bendable and hold their place once you’ve achieved your desired shot. My brothers and I were playing some cards, and enjoying some adult beverages and banter on a camping trip. I wrapped the legs of my Gorillapod around one of the brackets of our canopy under which we were playing, and I was able to achieve an aerial shot of the table, without any hassle of exploring ways to mount my GoPro where I wanted MacGyver style. The legs, however, are not the only flexible portion of the Gorillapod. The top swivels on a ball bearing, so once you’ve figured out how you want to place the legs, you can further adjust your shot with the top half of the tripod. Yet ANOTHER plus of the Gorillapod specifically is the leveler on the back of the top portion. So even if you’ve got the legs wrapped up in all kinds of odd ways, you can still ensure a straight shot with the leveler. It even has an adapter that clips into the top if you want to mount any other camera with a tripod mount on the bottom. Well done Joby.





Tenba 14L Action Pack (Review : Conover)

Let me start by saying, with confidence, that this is the best investment I've made when it comes to my collection of GoPro fixins. Hats off to Tenba on this one. I could go on forever about the advantages of this bag, but I'll do my best to give you the abridged version. This bag will hold all the necessities of any GoProer. What makes this bag so great is its versatility and user friendliness. The bag is made of a durable fabric which is extremely resistant to rips and the elements (not to mention it comes with a waterproof rain cover that envelopes the whole bag). The front of the bag features not only a slot perfectly sized for a tablet, but also a pouch measured specifically for a Camelbak with a slot through which to feed your straw. The two symmetrical pouches on the front of the bag feature a pocket and mesh netting for more storage. The top of the bag has a pouch for sunglasses, but could be used for anything of the same relative size. The back is where it really gets interesting. This bag unzips from the back, and when you do so, it folds down opening a treasure chest for GoPro enthusiasts. Inside you will find four individual zippered compartments, all of which Velcro to the inside of the bag. That's right, the compartments are removable. This bag has straps that buckle around your waist so if you're out with your bag, all you have to do is take off the shoulder straps, and swing the bag around all while it remains buckled to your waist. This is where the rear access to the bag really shows itself off, you can access all of your GoPro fixins without even putting the bag down. I can honestly say, whenever Lutch and I take a road trip, or if I'm going out with the intention of using my GoPro, this is the first item I pack up, and I can almost always fit all of my electronics in this bag alone.


GoPole Venturecase (Review : Conover)

If you've seen my other reviews of GoPro fixins, you already know how much I love my other travel bag. Well the GoPole Venturecase is my carry-on if my other bag is checked luggage. This case is absolutely perfect for focused GoPro usage, in the sense that this case has the ideal amount of room for just enough of your favorite GoPro go-to's. If you're going out for a night, or you just don't want to carry ALL of your accessories, this case is the way to go. It has room for a tripod, batteries, charger, cords, camera(s), and housing(s). The combination of things that can fit in this case is virtually endless and makes for a great way to have just what you need for a GoPro outing. A zippered pouch and mesh netted pockets make for even more storage. You'll be very surprised at just how much you can fit in this case that can easily be put into a larger bag, or as I do, strapped to a duffel bag.